Wednesday, July 24, 2019

A Valrath's Best Friend [Failed]

Jekserah has one last task for you. She requires a diamond of considerable size for a customer. There is a diamond mine in the southern mountains overrun by Vermlings, with some other more intelligent force behind them. If you can fight your way in and grab the biggest diamond you can find, Jekserah will give you a considerable reward. However, you have been also been warned by a guard that Jekserah may have more sinister machinations than she lets on. Something about overthrowing the military... but one diamond couldn't hurt, could it? 

You decided that "sinister machinations" outweigh "considerable reward". You raided Jekserah's warehouse and uncovered her secret plans to invade the town with an army of the dead. In the process, she fled the city. It's safe to say the "considerable reward" is off the table and there's no more reason to visit the mine.

Quest Failed.

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