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Armory Heist [Completed]

A powerful creature has commanded you to break into a Savvas armory and recover it's treasure. You're hesitant to break into such a secure facility, but the creature's command is strong.

The creature's will has been done. The armory has been looted and you possess its treasures. Although perhaps it's best not to show your face around the Savvas city for a few months.

Quest Complete.

The Voice [Completed]

Inside a cave within the Copperneck Mountains, you have discovered a creature, known only as 'The Voice'. The Voice has been trapped by a powerful force deep within the earth. The Voice asks for your help finding vessels that are crucial in taking corporeal form and ending it's long imprisonment.

You have recovered the first vessel from a sect of militaristic Harrowers. The Voice has directed you to the location of the second vessel.

The Savvas armory was a difficult nut to crack, but you managed to slip in, steal the necessary items, and get out before the guard overwhelmed you. Only one vessel remains.

The last vessel was guarded by an network of ancient defenses. The Voice showed you a way to disable the defenses. From opposite ends of the network, you activated the switches in the order shown to you by the Voice. In the center of the network, the slid away, revealing a narrow ladder descending down into the dark. “The way to the tomb is clear,” the Voice said. “Go now, and retrieve what is mine.”

Even though you thought the defense network disabled, the tomb was still booby-trapped. You barely escaped with your lives and the vessel in tact. With all three vessels in hand, you made your way back to the mountain cave and into the Echo Chamber. You placed the small earthen pots in the center of the cavern and wait. It was difficult to notice at first, but, over time, a faint tremor in the floor and walls began to grow until it was difficult to even keep your footing. Then there was a flash of light, and before you floated a swirling green mist in the shape of many long, intertwined tendrils. “I had almost forgotten what it felt like to not be imprisoned.” For once you heard the Voice not from inside your own head, but emanating from the figure in front of you. “It is quite wondrous. I am sure that before too long, I will forget the horrid feeling of powerlessness. It is time to leave this realm,” the Voice said. “There is much to be remedied from my prolonged absence. But first, I must give you a proper thanks. I shall hold up my end of the bargain and bestow upon you great power and wealth.” The green light spreads forth and illuminated you, providing you with the most wonderful feeling of warmth. And then it was gone. All that was left was a stone tablet in the center
of the room with strange, cryptic markings. Perhaps those marking may be useful in the future.

Quest Complete.

There Be Dragons [Completed]

You've heard reports of large flying creatures in the Copperneck Mountains. Could there really be dragons in the mountains? It's worth investigating, dragons could pose a serious threat to the city.

Your goal is the Icecrag, the tallest mountain in the Coppernecks. On your way there, you were ambushed by a group of Inox and Demons. Their co-existence was curious, but your ultimate goal lies further ahead.

The climb up the Icecrag was grueling and arduous. You had to fight off the cold, the wolves, and a nest of angry drakes. However you did get to the bottom of this dragon business. Atop the peak was a gigantic winged lizard - that could speak. It spoke with a gravelly voice that surprised you with its eloquence. In fact, it asked for your help. “A group of Savvas subdued me in my sleep and removed one of my flame glands, presumably to study. I cannot let this insult go unpunished and would greatly appreciate you taking it back from their city, killing as many of them as you can in the process.Or, if you wish to be cliché" the creature said with a sigh, "you could simply attack me. Slay the dragon, save the princess, and all that. Except I have no princess, and I’m not a dragon — just a drake who has lived a long time and does not wish to end his life today. So if you do attack me, I will fight back, and you will most assuredly die.”

Quest Complete.

Seeking Gloom [Completed]

The Bandit Commander's proclamations of a "Gloom" during your battle do not sit well with you. Sifting through the carnage left by the battle, you found a cache of scrolls. The writing upon them was in some unknown archaic language. Among the scrolls, you found a map of the northern countryside. A bend in the Still River was clearly marked as a point of interest. Contemplating whether you want to find out more about this so-called "Gloom," you decided that the spot could be a point of interest for you, as well.

The map lead to a crypt full of demons and cultists. Clearly, the bandits are associated with some sort of cult. Your arrival disrupted some sort of ritual.Among the scripts found in the ritual chamber are notes on a couple of other places of power in the area. One is marked as being overrun by vicious undead. It looks as though you have an opportunity to get in the cult's good graces by helping to clear out a threat. This may help you learn more about the "Gloom".

After the terrible shrieks and moans of the undead ceased, a grinning hooded figure appeared before you. His demeanor was deeply unsettling. He asked another favor of you in exchange for forgiveness for killing his brethren. The cultists want the necromancer, Jekserah, dead. If you bring her head to their headquarters, you may find out more about the "Gloom". The figure gave you details on where to find evidence of Jekserah's plans.

You have slain Jekserah. It's time to bring your old boss's head to the cult's headquarters.

You met the hooded figure at the cult's headquarters, where he thanked you graciously for your help in taking out the necromancer. He then introduced you to a black, flaming rift in space that he called his master, "The Gloom". The figure then promptly betrayed you by summoning a horde of unnatural creatures in an attempt to kill you. Apparently, getting back into the cult's good graces isn't easy after murdering their followers and setting back their plans. After an exhausting battle, the Gloom spoke to you in a cold, low voice. "You have done well. My minions may not be able to forgive. But I can. Come. Come to me. Step into my realm. Embrace the inevitable." The rift stands before you. Do you dare enter?

You stepped into the black rift. The low voice spoke once more, "Tricked again. Truly amazing that creatures as stupid as yourselves have caused me so much trouble. No matter. You will rot here, completely cut off from your home. There will be no last stand. You will simply waste away. You will die without valor in a foreign place and there is no recourse. I leave you now forever. Good-bye." The ensuing battle seemed endless. After killing everything, you banged on the walls, desperately hoping for something to continue fighting against in this exile. You grew tired, then your vision darkened. In your next breath, you found yourself laying in the grass outside of the cult’s hideout. "Know that I have spared you." The low voice returned. "Your persistence intrigues me. I invite you to break yourself against me. It will be more entertaining than the last time I brought gloom to this world." You bolted upright and rushed back into the crypt. Dead bodies of the cultists littered the floor. "I am not here anymore. These shells have served their purpose. My roots are now deep and you will soon encounter my endless power once more. I look forward to the day."

Quest Complete.

Exorcism [Completed]

Within the rift between realms, you've met a powerful Demon.
Assaulting him within his own realm will be difficult, but it's time he perished.

Attacking a demon within his own realm may have been a tad foolhardy. The demon was invulnerable, but you managed to smash an altar of black glass that seemed to contain the demon's essence. With it's destruction, the Prime Demon shattered into countless shards of stone. 

Quest Complete.

A Valrath's Best Friend [Failed]

Jekserah has one last task for you. She requires a diamond of considerable size for a customer. There is a diamond mine in the southern mountains overrun by Vermlings, with some other more intelligent force behind them. If you can fight your way in and grab the biggest diamond you can find, Jekserah will give you a considerable reward. However, you have been also been warned by a guard that Jekserah may have more sinister machinations than she lets on. Something about overthrowing the military... but one diamond couldn't hurt, could it? 

You decided that "sinister machinations" outweigh "considerable reward". You raided Jekserah's warehouse and uncovered her secret plans to invade the town with an army of the dead. In the process, she fled the city. It's safe to say the "considerable reward" is off the table and there's no more reason to visit the mine.

Quest Failed.

Hearing Things [Completed]

The Inox and demons you encountered on the way to the Icecrag had some crude scratching mentioning a 'voice' on among their belongings. There was a cave nearby the Mountain Pass that seemed to call to you. You feel a subtle and powerful urge to explore the cave.

The cave contains a powerful creature, known only as 'The Voice'. With it's guidance, you were able to restore the creature's booming, bone-rattling voice. It asks that you help free it from bondage, but The Voice's motives remain uncertain.

Quest Complete.

Closing the Rift [Completed]

While busting up some cultist activity, you encountered a gaping black rift in reality. The cultists were performing some sort of ritual on the rift that was bringing forth horrible nightmarish forms of teeth and claws into this reality. With the cultists and their minions dead, it seems the dark rift is now dormant. It is no less disconcerting, however. You briefly wondered whether you could enter the rift yourself, but finding some way to close the rift is probably the more prudent decision. There is an Aesther enchanter in Gloomhaven who may know more about this inter-planar stuff. She’s been known to ask for impossible favors before she helps anyone, though.

You have met the Aesther enchantress, Hail, at the Crooked Bone. Although a bit eccentric, she does seem quite capable. You have earned her favor by aiding in her endeavors. Perhaps now she can help you find a way to close the rift?

Hail required an elemental censer from a long dead elementalist's crypt. Unfortunately, the cultists inhabiting the crypt weren't keen on parting with it. You escorted Hail through the crypt until she could secure the censer, which she used to promptly dispatch the remaining undead. She's now ready to deal with the rift.

Throughout an elaborate ritual, you and Hail are assailed by demons unhappy with your intent to close the rift between your worlds. However once the ritual is completed, all the demons are sucked back into the rift, and the tear shrinks to a brilliant point, then disappears. As a bonus, you seemed to have helped Hail out with her research on enhancements considerably.

Quest Complete.

The Enchantress [Completed]

You've heard stories of an Aesther enchanteress in Gloomhaven who may be able to aid in your endeavors. However, she's been to known to ask impossible tasks in exchange for favors. Impossible or not, you need her help.

Following reports of an Aesther in the Boiler District, you found her inside an abandoned and decrepit tavern: the Crooked Bone. The Aesther woman's name is Hail and she seemed a bit eccentric... perhaps even a bit mad. After some trepidation, she agreed to help you if you could retrieve an orb from the Frozen Hollow in the Copperneck Mountains. The creatures inside the hollow were none too pleased to see you, but you fought through them nonetheless. With the last of your adversaries dead, you approached the back of the chamber, where a small blue sphere floated above the floor. You stashed it into your pack and made your way back to the Crooked Bone. Hail seemed quite enamored with the object and perhaps a bit flippant about just how dangerous an object you had held with your bare hands. Hail disappeared with the sphere. After what feels like hours of waiting, she returned and casually asks to experiment on you. You're a bit taken aback, but she assures you that it's safe. For large amounts of gold, she can now enhance some of your abilities. More importantly, she's also willing to do you some favors.

Quest Complete.

The Heart's Desire [Completed]

Some of your contacts at the Sanctuary of the Great Oak know of a temple dedicated to an unseen force that will answer any question asked of it. This is a golden opportunity seek out your heart's desire.

The temple was located high in the Watcher Mountains. The Sanctuary provided you with some basic directions, and you headed off. You risked falling to your death numerous times as you scale the cliff up to the temple. Braving the harsh winds and loose rocks, you finally reached the top and headed through the threshold into a large, open foyer. "I am afraid I cannot accept visitors at this time. Please come back in twelve years. I may be able to accommodate you then," boomed a disembodied voice. Before you could object, a group of massive stone constructs materialized before you. "I know, I know," the voice said. "You have questions, I have answers. Unfortunately, if you don’t leave now, you won’t have a head to ask the questions in the first place." But there was no way you were going to climb back down that cliff empty handed. As the last creature fell, the temple became eerily silent. You called out, but the strange voice offered no response. You began banging the walls with your weapons and yelling even louder, making it clear that you will not leave until you have answers. "ENOUGH!" The power of the voice shook the ground. "I could easily kill you, you know. But normally a threat is enough to send you pathetic lesser beings scrambling. I don’t necessarily like murder, however, so I will make you a deal. I will answer a single question for you, and then you will leave this place without further incident and never return. The voice then offered you a choice of great power, great wealth, or the location of the necromancer.

Power and wealth mean nothing while Jekserah still breathes. You insist that the voice tell you the location of the nefarious Valrath. It tells you of a sanctum hidden deep within the Corpsewood.

Quest Complete.

Necromancer Hunt [Completed]

The necromancer Jekserah has fled Gloomhaven. Before she left, she made some threats against you. It is clear you need to hunt her down before she can make good on her threats. Unfortunately, you have no idea where she is. The city guard isn't much help here, but Argeise does have some suggestions. There is an Aesther enchanter in town who may be able to divine Jekserah's location, but she's notoriously difficult to work with. Alternatively, some of your contacts at the Santuary of the Great Oak know of a temple dedicated to an unseen force that will answer any question asked of it.

You've located Jekserah's sanctum in the Corpsewood. It's time to put a stop to her necromancy for good.

After a grueling fight against her undead lackies, Jekserah falls to your blade. You separated her head from her body and hastily left the wretched place full of mangled corpses. You returned the head to the Captain of the Guard and were paid handsomely for the bounty on her.

Quest Complete.

Tripping the Rift [Completed]

While busting up some cultist activity, you encountered a gaping black rift in reality. The cultists were performing some sort of ritual on the rift that was bringing forth horrible nightmarish forms of teeth and claws into this reality. With the cultists and their minions dead, it seems the dark rift is now dormant. It is no less disconcerting, however. You tossed a rock at it, and the rock disappeared into nothingness. You must admit that you wonder whether you could enter the rift yourself and whether you could survive the trip to wherever that rock ended up. Do you dare enter the rift?

The trip was less than pleasant. As soon as you arrived, you were set upon by demons sent by an angry, booming voice. Once the demons were dispatched, the voice spoke once more and invited you into it's realm. Having already made one leap of faith, you decided there was no harm in making another. Inside the voice's realm stood a monstrous creature, horned and terrifying, holding a trident and standing on four hooved legs. It asked you to retrieve an artifact, or otherwise the demonic creature would kill you.

Quest Complete.

The Merchant's Secret [Completed]

A mysterious contact has given you the location of Jekserah's warehouse in Gloomhaven. Jekserah is clearly hiding a secret in this warehouse. Raiding the warehouse will not bode well for any open contracts you have with her. However, she's definitely planning something and you will put an end to it. 

The warehouse was full of the undead. Jekserah had clearly been
using the necromantic scroll you delivered to raise the undead within the city walls. You fought your way to the back room of the warehouse and confronted Jekserah. She vowed vengeance and flipped out a window while you battled her two Inox bodyguards. After they lay dead, you scoured for evidence of the fleeing Valrath but found none. You’ve stopped her plans for now, but after your brief conversation, it is clear you need to hunt her down before she can make good on her threats.

Quest Completed.

Tales from the Crypt [Completed]

While investigating the "Gloom", you discovered the bandits from the Black Barrow are associated with some sort of cult. Your arrival disrupted some sort of ritual. Among the scripts found in the ritual chamber are notes on a couple of other places of power in the area. One appears to see heavy use with the cult. It looks as though you have an opportunity to disrupt more of the cult's activities.

You followed the writings to an ancient crypt believed to be the cult’s base of operations. A group of cultists were performing ritual incantations in front of a black, gaping hole in reality. With the cultists and their minions dead, the dark rift is now dormant. 

Quest Complete.

The Merchant's Wrath [Completed]

A tribe of Inox in the Dagger Forest has ransacked a couple of Jekserah's caravans headed to the Capital. If you can make an example of them, she will pay you handsomely.

The Inox tribe is dead. You've made an brutal example of them and no one will threaten Jekserah's caravans for quite a while. You don't exactly feel good about slaughtering parents in front of their children, but Jekserah paid you all the same.

Quest Complete.

The Merchant's Request [Completed]

The Valrath merchant Jekserah has offered to pay you ten gold coins to retrieve some stolen goods. By roughing up some local thugs, you’ve discovered the thieves’ hideout is the Black Barrow.

You found your quarry within the barrow, but he slipped away. While chasing him down, you encountered the reason the bandits chose this particular barrow: animated bones. The bandits here appear to have some necromantic prowess. Nevertheless, you slew them and their unholy allies,. Your target was not among the dead, but a passage way deeper into the catacombs awaits.
You have defeated the Bandit Commander. Something about him seemed unnatural and he mentioned “the Gloom” during your battle. You found the stolen scrolls hidden in a cache in the Commander’s chamber and returned them to Jekserah for the agreed upon reward.

Quest Complete.