Wednesday, July 24, 2019

The Merchant's Secret [Completed]

A mysterious contact has given you the location of Jekserah's warehouse in Gloomhaven. Jekserah is clearly hiding a secret in this warehouse. Raiding the warehouse will not bode well for any open contracts you have with her. However, she's definitely planning something and you will put an end to it. 

The warehouse was full of the undead. Jekserah had clearly been
using the necromantic scroll you delivered to raise the undead within the city walls. You fought your way to the back room of the warehouse and confronted Jekserah. She vowed vengeance and flipped out a window while you battled her two Inox bodyguards. After they lay dead, you scoured for evidence of the fleeing Valrath but found none. You’ve stopped her plans for now, but after your brief conversation, it is clear you need to hunt her down before she can make good on her threats.

Quest Completed.

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