Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Tripping the Rift [Completed]

While busting up some cultist activity, you encountered a gaping black rift in reality. The cultists were performing some sort of ritual on the rift that was bringing forth horrible nightmarish forms of teeth and claws into this reality. With the cultists and their minions dead, it seems the dark rift is now dormant. It is no less disconcerting, however. You tossed a rock at it, and the rock disappeared into nothingness. You must admit that you wonder whether you could enter the rift yourself and whether you could survive the trip to wherever that rock ended up. Do you dare enter the rift?

The trip was less than pleasant. As soon as you arrived, you were set upon by demons sent by an angry, booming voice. Once the demons were dispatched, the voice spoke once more and invited you into it's realm. Having already made one leap of faith, you decided there was no harm in making another. Inside the voice's realm stood a monstrous creature, horned and terrifying, holding a trident and standing on four hooved legs. It asked you to retrieve an artifact, or otherwise the demonic creature would kill you.

Quest Complete.

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