Sunday, November 17, 2019

The Artifact [Completed]

You've learned of a powerful artifact near the Serpent's Kiss River. Finding it could prove very useful in furthering your goals.

The Temple of the Elements had been overtaken by cultists. The cultists had used the artifact's power to enhance their demon allies. Despite their extra strength, the demons and their cultist masters were unable to stop you from destroying the altars protecting the artifact. With the altars smashed, the demons vanished and the protective barrier around the artifact dissipated. You approached the center of the temple and reached out for the vessel but stopped short. You felt a powerful darkness emanating from the thing, and behind that, a deep sadness. This artifact has been corrupted, and it seems to almost be cognizant of that fact.

All of these feelings flashed in your mind as a warning. It could be used for great evil, but would you fight for that evil or against it? After some effort, you used a thick cloth to get the vessel into your bag. Perhaps it would be best to bring it to an enchanter rather than mess with it yourself.

Quest Complete.

Look Who's Talking

The Voice is such a powerful creature. You must find out more about whatever it is and what it's motives are.

Next Scenario: 30

The Way Around

While trying to discover the source of Gloomhaven's poisoned water, you've discovered a secret passage in the sewers. Perhaps there might be something interesting inside, like a way around the cistern without needing gills.

Next Scenario: 23

Scry Me a River

Jekserah has fled and her whereabouts are unknown. The Aesther enchantress Hail may know of a way to divine her location through scrying.

Next Scenario: 7

Sewer Surfin' [Completed]

Gloomhaven's water supply appears to have been poisoned. You've been asked to investigate the source of the poison. Unfortunately, this means trudging through the sewers. Yuck.

You begrudgingly hopped into the sewers to investigate the poison. You slew plethora of snakes, ooze, and Vermlings. The Vermlings had made camp around a cisterns that appeared to be the source of the poison, but upon further investigation, none of the dead Vermlings had any poisons at all. There is a passage at the back of the room that leads deeper or, if you had a way to breath underwater, you could enter the cistern directly.

You've found a way to the source of the poison. It's time to purify the water.

The water pumps were teeming with unholy creatures and a writhing black corruption. By the time the fight is over, the walls and floor are a mess of black ooze, but you managed to get it all out of the pumps. None of it is pulsating anymore either, which is a step in the right direction. A simple mop can clean the remnants, now that the dark presence has been removed.

Quest Complete.

Growing Gills [Completed]

You require a way to breathe underwater. There is an Aesther enchanter in Gloomhaven who may know something about that. She’s been known to ask for impossible favors before she helps anyone, though.

You have met the Aesther enchantress, Hail, at the Crooked Bone. Although a bit eccentric, she does seem quite capable. You have earned her favor by aiding in her endeavors. Perhaps now she can help you find a way to close breathe underwater?

Next Scenario: 43

Sunken Vessel [Side]

Next Scenario: 93

Burning Mountain [Side]

Next Scenario: 82

Oozing Grove [Side] [Completed]

Scenario 72 complete.

Vermling Nest [Completed]

Quest Complete.

Chained Isle [Completed]

Quest Complete.

Well of the Unfortunate [Completed]

Quest Complete.

Toxic Moor [Completed]

Quest Complete.

Fading Lighthouse [Completed]

Quest Complete.

Temple of the Eclipse [Side]

Next Scenario: 81

Harrower Hive [Side]

Next Scenario: 76