Sunday, November 17, 2019

The Artifact [Completed]

You've learned of a powerful artifact near the Serpent's Kiss River. Finding it could prove very useful in furthering your goals.

The Temple of the Elements had been overtaken by cultists. The cultists had used the artifact's power to enhance their demon allies. Despite their extra strength, the demons and their cultist masters were unable to stop you from destroying the altars protecting the artifact. With the altars smashed, the demons vanished and the protective barrier around the artifact dissipated. You approached the center of the temple and reached out for the vessel but stopped short. You felt a powerful darkness emanating from the thing, and behind that, a deep sadness. This artifact has been corrupted, and it seems to almost be cognizant of that fact.

All of these feelings flashed in your mind as a warning. It could be used for great evil, but would you fight for that evil or against it? After some effort, you used a thick cloth to get the vessel into your bag. Perhaps it would be best to bring it to an enchanter rather than mess with it yourself.

Quest Complete.

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