Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Seeking Gloom [Completed]

The Bandit Commander's proclamations of a "Gloom" during your battle do not sit well with you. Sifting through the carnage left by the battle, you found a cache of scrolls. The writing upon them was in some unknown archaic language. Among the scrolls, you found a map of the northern countryside. A bend in the Still River was clearly marked as a point of interest. Contemplating whether you want to find out more about this so-called "Gloom," you decided that the spot could be a point of interest for you, as well.

The map lead to a crypt full of demons and cultists. Clearly, the bandits are associated with some sort of cult. Your arrival disrupted some sort of ritual.Among the scripts found in the ritual chamber are notes on a couple of other places of power in the area. One is marked as being overrun by vicious undead. It looks as though you have an opportunity to get in the cult's good graces by helping to clear out a threat. This may help you learn more about the "Gloom".

After the terrible shrieks and moans of the undead ceased, a grinning hooded figure appeared before you. His demeanor was deeply unsettling. He asked another favor of you in exchange for forgiveness for killing his brethren. The cultists want the necromancer, Jekserah, dead. If you bring her head to their headquarters, you may find out more about the "Gloom". The figure gave you details on where to find evidence of Jekserah's plans.

You have slain Jekserah. It's time to bring your old boss's head to the cult's headquarters.

You met the hooded figure at the cult's headquarters, where he thanked you graciously for your help in taking out the necromancer. He then introduced you to a black, flaming rift in space that he called his master, "The Gloom". The figure then promptly betrayed you by summoning a horde of unnatural creatures in an attempt to kill you. Apparently, getting back into the cult's good graces isn't easy after murdering their followers and setting back their plans. After an exhausting battle, the Gloom spoke to you in a cold, low voice. "You have done well. My minions may not be able to forgive. But I can. Come. Come to me. Step into my realm. Embrace the inevitable." The rift stands before you. Do you dare enter?

You stepped into the black rift. The low voice spoke once more, "Tricked again. Truly amazing that creatures as stupid as yourselves have caused me so much trouble. No matter. You will rot here, completely cut off from your home. There will be no last stand. You will simply waste away. You will die without valor in a foreign place and there is no recourse. I leave you now forever. Good-bye." The ensuing battle seemed endless. After killing everything, you banged on the walls, desperately hoping for something to continue fighting against in this exile. You grew tired, then your vision darkened. In your next breath, you found yourself laying in the grass outside of the cult’s hideout. "Know that I have spared you." The low voice returned. "Your persistence intrigues me. I invite you to break yourself against me. It will be more entertaining than the last time I brought gloom to this world." You bolted upright and rushed back into the crypt. Dead bodies of the cultists littered the floor. "I am not here anymore. These shells have served their purpose. My roots are now deep and you will soon encounter my endless power once more. I look forward to the day."

Quest Complete.

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