Wednesday, July 24, 2019

The Enchantress [Completed]

You've heard stories of an Aesther enchanteress in Gloomhaven who may be able to aid in your endeavors. However, she's been to known to ask impossible tasks in exchange for favors. Impossible or not, you need her help.

Following reports of an Aesther in the Boiler District, you found her inside an abandoned and decrepit tavern: the Crooked Bone. The Aesther woman's name is Hail and she seemed a bit eccentric... perhaps even a bit mad. After some trepidation, she agreed to help you if you could retrieve an orb from the Frozen Hollow in the Copperneck Mountains. The creatures inside the hollow were none too pleased to see you, but you fought through them nonetheless. With the last of your adversaries dead, you approached the back of the chamber, where a small blue sphere floated above the floor. You stashed it into your pack and made your way back to the Crooked Bone. Hail seemed quite enamored with the object and perhaps a bit flippant about just how dangerous an object you had held with your bare hands. Hail disappeared with the sphere. After what feels like hours of waiting, she returned and casually asks to experiment on you. You're a bit taken aback, but she assures you that it's safe. For large amounts of gold, she can now enhance some of your abilities. More importantly, she's also willing to do you some favors.

Quest Complete.

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