Wednesday, July 24, 2019

The Heart's Desire [Completed]

Some of your contacts at the Sanctuary of the Great Oak know of a temple dedicated to an unseen force that will answer any question asked of it. This is a golden opportunity seek out your heart's desire.

The temple was located high in the Watcher Mountains. The Sanctuary provided you with some basic directions, and you headed off. You risked falling to your death numerous times as you scale the cliff up to the temple. Braving the harsh winds and loose rocks, you finally reached the top and headed through the threshold into a large, open foyer. "I am afraid I cannot accept visitors at this time. Please come back in twelve years. I may be able to accommodate you then," boomed a disembodied voice. Before you could object, a group of massive stone constructs materialized before you. "I know, I know," the voice said. "You have questions, I have answers. Unfortunately, if you don’t leave now, you won’t have a head to ask the questions in the first place." But there was no way you were going to climb back down that cliff empty handed. As the last creature fell, the temple became eerily silent. You called out, but the strange voice offered no response. You began banging the walls with your weapons and yelling even louder, making it clear that you will not leave until you have answers. "ENOUGH!" The power of the voice shook the ground. "I could easily kill you, you know. But normally a threat is enough to send you pathetic lesser beings scrambling. I don’t necessarily like murder, however, so I will make you a deal. I will answer a single question for you, and then you will leave this place without further incident and never return. The voice then offered you a choice of great power, great wealth, or the location of the necromancer.

Power and wealth mean nothing while Jekserah still breathes. You insist that the voice tell you the location of the nefarious Valrath. It tells you of a sanctum hidden deep within the Corpsewood.

Quest Complete.

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