Wednesday, July 24, 2019

The Voice [Completed]

Inside a cave within the Copperneck Mountains, you have discovered a creature, known only as 'The Voice'. The Voice has been trapped by a powerful force deep within the earth. The Voice asks for your help finding vessels that are crucial in taking corporeal form and ending it's long imprisonment.

You have recovered the first vessel from a sect of militaristic Harrowers. The Voice has directed you to the location of the second vessel.

The Savvas armory was a difficult nut to crack, but you managed to slip in, steal the necessary items, and get out before the guard overwhelmed you. Only one vessel remains.

The last vessel was guarded by an network of ancient defenses. The Voice showed you a way to disable the defenses. From opposite ends of the network, you activated the switches in the order shown to you by the Voice. In the center of the network, the slid away, revealing a narrow ladder descending down into the dark. “The way to the tomb is clear,” the Voice said. “Go now, and retrieve what is mine.”

Even though you thought the defense network disabled, the tomb was still booby-trapped. You barely escaped with your lives and the vessel in tact. With all three vessels in hand, you made your way back to the mountain cave and into the Echo Chamber. You placed the small earthen pots in the center of the cavern and wait. It was difficult to notice at first, but, over time, a faint tremor in the floor and walls began to grow until it was difficult to even keep your footing. Then there was a flash of light, and before you floated a swirling green mist in the shape of many long, intertwined tendrils. “I had almost forgotten what it felt like to not be imprisoned.” For once you heard the Voice not from inside your own head, but emanating from the figure in front of you. “It is quite wondrous. I am sure that before too long, I will forget the horrid feeling of powerlessness. It is time to leave this realm,” the Voice said. “There is much to be remedied from my prolonged absence. But first, I must give you a proper thanks. I shall hold up my end of the bargain and bestow upon you great power and wealth.” The green light spreads forth and illuminated you, providing you with the most wonderful feeling of warmth. And then it was gone. All that was left was a stone tablet in the center
of the room with strange, cryptic markings. Perhaps those marking may be useful in the future.

Quest Complete.

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