Saturday, February 8, 2020

Let It Hail

There is something deeply concerning about the artifact you recovered in the Temple of the Elements. You feel a powerful darkness emanating from the thing, and behind that, a deep sadness. This artifact has been corrupted, and it seems to almost be cognizant of that fact. Perhaps it would be best to bring it to an enchanter rather than mess with it yourself. There is an Aesther enchanter in Gloomhaven who may know more about this artifact. She’s been known to ask for impossible favors before she helps anyone, though.

You have met the Aesther enchantress, Hail, at the Crooked Bone. Although a bit eccentric, she does seem quite capable. You have earned her favor by aiding in her endeavors. Perhaps now she can tell you more about the artifact?

Next Scenario: 31

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